How Normal Guys are Unlocking Their Hidden Confidence & Attracting Top Tier Women in less than 60 days.

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Who is David de las Morenas?

Hi there, My name is David de las Morenas.

You may know me as the YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers, but not long ago I was in your shoes.

I know what it's like to feel invisible to women.

Over the years, I endured hundreds of painful rejections on the path to finding my "hidden confidence" and unlocking the ability to attract the high quality women I always wanted.

Since then, I helped millions of men make this same transformation.

During this time, I saw the same continuous and predictable roadblocks preventing men from realizing their full potential.

Accumulating the most effective strategies to break through these plateaus, I designed a "battle-tested" system any man can use to take full control of his dating life.

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What MakesBeast
Coaching Different

Personalized Feedback

Most guys watch videos and read books, but nothing changes. We give you feedback tailored to your situation, so you can crush any roadblocks in your way.

Lasting Confidence

This isn’t a 3-day bootcamp where you approach 100 girls in a weekend, get a dopamine hit, then you’re back at square one. We stick with you so you make lasting progress.

No Weird Gimmicks

No cheesy pick-up lines or “scripts” to follow. Instead, we provide a simple, but an easy-to-follow framework to supercharge your confidence and meet women.


Become part of a group of men focused on improving their skills with women & leveling up.

Live Calls

Weekly video calls with Beast, Dave, Julia, and the other coaches to make sure you have the support you need to succeed.

Dating Formula

Talk to Any Girl

Overcome nervousness & approach girls in any situation. Plus, optimize your online profiles & get more matches.

Get Her Number

Make an instant connection, keep the conversation going, and get her phone number.

Get the Date

Follow our proven texting framework to quickly turn those numbers and matches into dates.

Bring Her Home

Take your dates to the next level and lead things back to the bedroom. Be the dominant man she craves.

Keep Her Hooked

Get past the 2nd date & keep her interested. Have a relationship or keep it casual, the choice is yours.

Student Success Stories

Will C.

Dallas, TX.

Emett S.

Seattle, WA.

Tom L.

United Kingdom


Chicago, IL.

Brian L.

Syracuse, NY.

Jaisen G.

Atlanta, GA.

Justin S.


Will P.

Orlando, FL.

Ryan L.

Los Angeles, CA.

Matt C.

Seattle, WA.

Jeff H.

Chicago, IL.

Federico B.

Detroit, MI.

Luke R.

Phoenix, AZ.

Benny R.

San Diego, CA.

Dallas C.

New Haven, CT.

Peter F.

Des Moines, IA.

How theBeast
Process Works



You fill out our quick no-stress application and give us some basic info about you.



We go through your application to determine if you are a good fit.



We'll give you valuable feedback on this call - and we'll explore options to work together.

Meet the Other Coaches

Dave Perrotta

Dave is our senior dating coach. He's honed his dating skills and knowledge through thousands of interactions over the years. He'll help you meet girls during the day, the night, and online, so you've got a steady in-flow of dates with girls you're excited about.

Julia MacVane

Julia is our mindset expert. With her Masters in therapy, and countless hours of counseling experience, she will help you overcome any hidden "confidence blocks" that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.

SIGN UPCoaching is Perfect For You if... conversationsYou struggle to hold with attractive women.struggleYou’re able to get phone numbers, but you to get her out on a date. confidenceYou’re ready to develop the you need to approach attractive women in any environment.attractingYou’re having a tough time meeting and women as a busy professional.results.You want to prioritize your dating life and finally start seeing real
This Program is NOT For You if:​You're "content" with where you're at right now and aren't motivated to make changes​You're not ready to commit to changing your habits or your lifestyle​You make excuses and you're not willing to do what it takes to see real results​You're not coachable and aren't willing to accept feedback​You're not willing to invest in yourselfYou're not ready to prioritize your dating life

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